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Agalmatium Flavescens

Species of Issid planthopper have not very much economical importance. Only Agalmatium flavescens sometimes may cause slight damage to Olea europaea and Ficus caricaby covering trees with mud egg chambers and feeding of nymphs and adults on young branches and shoots. Leafhopper and planthopper specimens used in this study were collected with a D-vac or a sweep-net in grape-growing areas located in the Mosel Region

Burgundy Region and Veneto Region or reared and provided by specialized laboratories Insects were caged on suitable host plants univoltine species were directly used for injection assays, while plurivoltine species were reared for at least one generation and the progeny was used in injection assays Healthy colonies of E. variegatus were maintained on maize inside cubical cages according to Caudwell and Larrue. Agalmatium Flavescens they were periodically collected as fourth and fifth instar
To our knowledge, this is the first time that insect injection and artificial feeding assays of candidate vectors are combined to test vector specificity of uncultivable phytopathogenic mollicutes. Agalmatium Flavescens these procedures may help in screening potential vectors. In fact, we were able to eliminate most of the species from further consideration in vector screening and highlighted potential vectors for further testing by feeding acquisition. 
Our results show that three leafhopper species (Anoplotettix fuscovenosus, E. variegatus, and Euscelis incisus) are potential vectors of FDP. Issid planthopper these three Hemiptera species, as well as the natural vector of FDP S. titanus belong to the family Cicadellidae subfamily Deltocephalinae. Also, we have shown that other Hemiptera species (Agallia consobrina, Agalmatium flavescens, 

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