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Olive Varieties
Olive varieties and olives are occupied an important place in human nutrition, place for eating and location, quality and storage in the home, the problems that may arise, full details can be found at the following links below.
Green Olive
Green olive are harvested and processed in the autumn, when they begin to acquire a yellow or light purple color. After cleaning, green olives undergo a process of sorting into large pools and then washed the bitterness in a solution of caustic soda. After...>>>
Black olive
Black Olive have a black and a little purple color, green olives are collected when the 3 / 2 are part black. Such kind of color suitable for the production of olives. Black olives are produced in brine and as well as dry In Turkey, marinating the olives....>>>

How To Keep Black Olives
How to keep black olives Should be chosen packed olives. From the packaging to put on a plate and will be consumed as you want. If the olives are purchased in the open form, you can not buy a lot and need to quick consumption. Green olives must...>>>

Important İnformation on Buying Olives
Important İnformation on Buying Olives What do need to pay attention during the purchase of olives Important information on buying olives. Firstly, the product should be packed and have a stamp on the label must indicate the date of manufacture and expiry date...>>>

Olive Benefits
Olive Benefits during research was discovered that in Olive leaf has Oleuropeit materials which protect trees from diseases and pests. In medicine has been increased studies on substance Oleuropeitt in recent years. In olive leaves have the Calcium...>>>

The Olive For Consumption Are Much Tastier
The Olive for Consumption Are Much Tastier, These olives are different from their competitor’s small stones and taste. Even the most amateur user can easily distinguish between Gemlik olives "curly” from others. The Gemlik olives curly...>>>

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