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Olive oil, the olive tree is one of the two trees that are in heaven, golden juice of the "olive oil" has the same value as the mother's milk. Listed the all of the useful features of olive is not possible, antioxidant substances that are part of the olives are very useful for the health of children and adults. Of the olive tree is made plates, spoons, forks, tables, to taste a variety of olives for consumption, from the olive is made soap for hair and skin, and are made necklaces, bracelets and various things, who use olives for decoration things, someone for food, health, boiling olive oil can become a deadly weapon, fruit, leaves, seeds of olive without a doubt we can say that it is a miracle .....

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil (virgin olive oil), free fatty acids are divided into classes according to their degree. They have the following names: free fatty acidity expressed as oleic acid is 1% of extra virgin , free fat acidity expressed as oleic acid is 2% of the first natural, free fat...>>>
Refined Olive Oil
Refined olive oil is obtained by refining virgin olive oil without altering the initial glyceridic structure. Refining virgin olive oil eliminates the high acidity level. The refining of olive oil is done by the use of chemical and physical filters. Refined olive oil is made for bulk consumption and ...>>>
Riviera Olive Oil
Riviera Olive oil This oil is obtained by blending refined olive oil, and infiltration olive oil. Typically, 80-90% of refined olive oil, and 20% of natural olive oil. Oleic acid contains is 1.5% acidity. Olive oil type Riviera is a quality, processing technology of refining, natural...>>>
Organic Olive Oil
Organic olive oil is produced outside the traditional natural olive oil, no chemical pesticides, hormones, use of organic fertilizers, used in organic agriculture, organic olive oil (environmentally, biologically so-called olive oil) may produce. This production is certified...>>>
How To Store Olive Oil
How to store olive oil olive oil is influenced by light, heat, air and time. Reception and storage, the oil must be stay in closed and dark place. Oil must be stay in a cool place. Do not be stored in the refrigerator. Necessary to protect the oil from light and....>>>
How to Taste Olive Oil - Olive Oil Tasting
How to Taste Olive Oil Tasting olive oil is a professionally done job. It should be done seriously and requires a serious attitude. It also need a good education and experience. For many years involved in olive oil, taking part in production, over time people come experie...>>>
Can You Fry with Olive Oil
Can You Fry with Olive Oil one of the most common myths perpetrated on the Internet is that while olive oil is healthy, it should not be used for cooking or frying. The belief is that somehow the high heat used in cooking or frying makes olive oil unhealthy However, this...>>>
How To Buy Olive Oil
How to buy olive oil pay attantion for the presence of the certificate on the products labeled "organic. " Organic production of olive oil is a new method, which runs under observation of international organizations within 3 years and then issued a certificate. According to...>>>

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