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Riviera Olive Oil
Riviera Olive oil This oil is obtained by blending refined olive oil, and infiltration olive oil. Typically, 80-90% of refined olive oil, and 20% of natural olive oil. Oleic acid contains is 1.5% acidity. Olive oil type Riviera is a quality, processing technology of refining, natural olive oil, colour, and is proportional to the percentage of infiltration olive oil.
The degree of acidity, colour, taste, flavor and organoleptic properties of olive oil vary depending on the used ratio. Riviera Olive oil differs from the infiltration olive oil lighter at colour and light scent.
Determine the quality of Riviera olive oil requires specialist knowledge. When it comes to the quality of natural olive oil, it is important to consider two factors. First, chemical analysis measuring the ratio acid. Riviera Olive Oil the second factor is the taste and smell, which is needed to detect and measure. This process is carried out by professionals and is called "tasting or degustation". Tasting panel of experts, which is stamped the quality of olive oil.

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