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Olive Benefits
* Olive Benefits , During research was discovered that in Olive leaf has Oleuropeit materials which protect trees from diseases and pests. In medicine has been increased studies on substance Oleuropeitt in recent years.
* In olive leaves have the Calcium Elenolate which protect from generally harmful viruses,bacteria and fungi.
* The scientific studies has been proven that in olive oil contain vitamin E which helped for the renewal of human cells by contributing to delayed aging, brain function, reduced the corrosive effect and the skin becomes beautiful
* World Health Organization (WHO) have reported that at people who live on the island of Crete have been discovered most low level of the heart attack, heart disease and the risk of heart attacks.(Crete Island is the center of olive oil)
* There are A,D,E, and K vitamins in olive, effective against canser. Vitamins have been identified which prevents the formation of tumors, canser and protects the body against radioactive substances.
Olive is a friend of liver. In addition, the scientific has been proven that olive helps in diseases such as digestive disorders, gall bladder stone disease and gall bladder, bowel cancer and jaundice
The studies revealed that the E,A,D and K vitamins in olive helps to development for children’s bone and tooth and contribute to the strengthening of the bones by preventing calcium loss, osteoporosis in the elderly
Olive Benefits Olives have protective properties and helps reduce the acidity of gastric juice in gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcers

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