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Refined Olive Oil 
Refined olive oil is obtained by refining virgin olive oil without altering the initial glyceridic structure. Refining virgin olive oil eliminates the high acidity level. The refining of olive oil is done by the use of chemical and physical filters. Refined olive oil is made for bulk consumption and is very much cheaper than extra virgin or virgin olive oil.
It can be used for day to day cooking but should be avoided in salad dressings. This olive oil type is considered much inferior to the other varieties of olive oil and it does not have the characteristic flavor, taste or aroma of pure olive oil. Physical refining changes color (bleaching) and undergoes a process of deodorization under vacuum at 220 C - 240 C degrees and is attached by distillation, and the smell disappears the acidity.
 In the resulting oil contains 0,3% acidity on the palate and a slight odor, and various shades of yellow color of refined oil.

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