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How to buy olive oil when buying on a bottle of olive oil should be a geographical mark. Geographical mark shall be issued by Turkish institute patenting products or products passed the test. If the product has a geographical mark, then it proves its origin and geographic region. If olive oils do not have geographical sign, but originating from the same region.

How to buy only olive oil of the domestic production. Remember that our country has not the least of the world's leading producers of olive oil. If you do not know what it means to mark products of foreign brands, there is a risk to buy low-quality product.
* If you buy the product of countries of the European Union, to note the presence of certification DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta).
* Do not buy olive oil, if the date of harvest is indicated more than 12 months.
* Buy infiltration olive oil. And costs will be a big difference compared to other varieties of olive oil, but you can consume in all dishes.
* If on the product written that olive oil is made from mixed varieties of olives, this oil do not buying. This means that the olives are brought from different regions, are of poor quality and mixed together with high-quality olives (usually the tactic of companies who do not work with quality).
* Do not buy olive oil with label "cold pressed". Because all of the olive oil is cold pressed
How to buy olive oil pay attantion for the presence of the certificate on the products labeled "organic. " Organic production of olive oil is a new method, which runs under observation of international organizations within 3 years and then issued a certificate. According to the results of observations, if deemed appropriate, a certificate is issued by assigning organic olive oil.
* Check the ratio of acidity in the oil. For example, only 0.8% infiltration, 0.5% high-quality, high-quality 0.2%.
* Make sure what means the terms as a "Natural infiltration olive oil, refined olive oil, olive oil Riviera" to avoid making mistakes during the purchase process.
* A beautiful bottle and the label does not indicate the quality of products. To protect the olive oil from light oil is sold in dark bottles.
* In the bottle of olive oil should be enough free space or not it should be. If a bottle of oil is shed , do not buy.
* Unable to determine the quality of olive oil in color.
* Do not buy olive oil is closed wooden stopper. Because the penetration of air has a high probability.

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