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For olives Sele prefer Gemlik olives, which have many small stone and flesh. Sele Olives mostly cooked for family consumption. These olives are easy to prepare, and requires less time than other methods. For like this approach need fleshy, with a thin skin and small stone. Olives have a crisp texture not bring good results. To prepare the olives Sele, olives on the trees must be black and the collection of olives is done by hand.

Sele Olives are carefully sort out, remove too soft and bruised olives, then thoroughly washed. Pouring water, beginning the process of Sele, spread the first layer of olives, then a layer of salt, etc. (amount of salt equal to the number of olives). It is better to use a big salt. Olives Sele top coated with a thin cloth and the edges sutured. Sele olives are placed in a place where water can flow freely and the air not must penetrate inwards. During this procedure, 20-30% of the water level is lost. To avoid water loss, it is necessary that the containers are secure and there does not pass through the air.
Once the olives were left for several days, need a little shake, turn the container or stir well. This process must be repeated several times and the olives to leave for 25-30 days in salt and expect when they are ready for use. Prepared olives are removed from the salt. Does not require washing. Olives are spread in a mixture of olive oil and vinegar, and stored in this form.
During the salting, you can use bay leaves and myrtle leaves, for a fragrant smell and taste. Black olives are produced mainly in Turkey and Greece.

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