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Gemlik Olive
Gemlik olive the olive trees are a big part in the region of the Marmara sea. Gemlik olive formed a special group and every year on a regular basis gives th...>>>
Features Of the Gemlik Olive
The most characteristic feature of the Gemlik olive is black and the flesh is easy to depart from the seed. As part of the fruit ...>>>
Olive Varieties
Olive varieties and olives are occupied an important place in human nutrition, place for eating and location, quality and storage in the home, the problems that may arise, full details can be found at the following links below. Olive varieties....>>>
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil (virgin olive oil), free fatty acids are divided into classes according to their degree. They have the following names: free fatty acidity expressed as oleic acid is 1% of extra virgin , free fat acidity expressed as oleic acid is 2% of the ...>>>
Olive Diseases and Pest
Olive Diseases and Pests This information has been prepared using the reports of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs General Directorate of Control Protection, which provides detailed information on how to fight with different olive diseases and pests...>>>
Olive Oil
Olive oil, the olive tree is one of the two trees that are in heaven, golden juice of the "olive oil" has the same value as the mother's milk. Listed the all of the useful features of olive is not possible, antioxidant substances that are part of the olives are very ...>>>
Olive Leaf Benefits - Olive Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf Benefits antimicrobial Effect Antimicrobial effect of olive leaf tea is consumed as an antimicrobial action, in the olive leaf is oleuropein acid. As mentioned before, the acid elenolik has high antibacterial effect. Thus, the leaves are ...>>>
Sele Olives
For olives Sele prefer Gemlik olives, which have many small stone and flesh. Sele Olives mostly cooked for family consumption. These olives are easy to prepare, and requires less time than other methods.For like this approach need fleshy, with a thin ...>>>

Gemlik Olive Manufacturers
Gemlik olive manufacturers are the leading in sector for the production of olives in Turkey and in the world, and about 200 firms are working in the region Gemlik. All of these manufacturers correspond to the concept of food production and they ...>>>
St John's Wort
Hypericum perforatum, known as perforate St John's wort is a flowering plant in the family Hypericaceae. Although used in traditional medicine with possible, high-quality clinical evidence for its effectiveness remains absent Common St John's wort...>>>

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